Benefits designed for you when traveling away from home and death occurs.
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Now you can take advantage of a new program called Return AssuredSM  that will protect your families if death should occur 100 miles or more from their legal residence (Legal residence must be in the United States or Canada).  There is a one-time fee to your families for a lifetime membership.

Return AssuredSM  is the service mark for a guaranteed travel assurance plan offered by American Pre-Arrangement Services Inc. (APASI).  APASI is the pioneers of the Travel Assurance Plan.  They are not just another travel plan company, they are the originals, and Travel Assurance is all they do!

So many Americans are away from home these days for business, family visits and recreation.   Traveling has become second nature to most of us and we tend to forget that when we're away from home... anything can happen.  Everyone is increasingly mobile, enjoying more travel for vacation, business, and retirement.

  • 80% of Americans (over 18) take a trip 100 miles or more away from home that lasts at least one night or more a year.
  • Over 50% of international travel is performed by senior citizens.
Also, Americans find themselves away from home more often than ever before because:
  • Grandchildren and other family members are more spread out than ever before;
  • Employees are retiring early and are on the road, enjoying new experiences away from home; and,
  • People with medical conditions are seeking treatment in distant medical centers.
It happens every day and additional burdens are suddenly forced on surviving family members! Identification, family notification, selecting and coordination with a distinct funeral home, transportation, and governmental red tape all require immediate attention during one of the most difficult times for your family.  The costs and complications are great!

Simply stated Return AssuredSM  is a must for all prearrangements written today.

By offering this valuable plan to your families (with or without an existing prearrangement) your families will receive important advantages.
  • Provides peace of mind and comfort for survivors at the most difficult time
  • Guarantees complete cost of transportation from anywhere in the world, potentially saving thousands of dollars.
  • Offers full assistance and coordination through an international network of facilities.
  • Helps complete prearrangement, so they don’t leave any loose ends behind.
Enrollment to offer Return Assured is quick and easy. Just click the link above, Enroll in Return AssuredSM, download the required forms and return completed forms by email or fax. For more information contact us at 800-418-7316 or by email